The firm provides consulting and certifications in the areas of:

Acoustic Measurements:
Acoustic Floor
1.   Road noise;
2.   Railway noise;
3.   Noise Areoportuale
4.   Sound Power Machinery, Equipment and Tools using intensimetric probe.

Acoustics in building. Calculation and use of instruments. Passive Acoustic Requirements of Buildings:

1.  Index Rating of sound insulation of partitions vericali apparent;
2.  Index Evaluation of the apparent sound reduction index of horizontal partitions;
3.  Noise Evaluation Index impattivo (trampling);
4.  Index Rating of sound insulation of facade;
5.   Reverberation time of rooms;
6.  Noise of civil installations.

Certifications, evaluations and analyzes:

1.   Documentation of Impact Forecasting Acoustic (DPIA);
2.   Acoustic Impact Assessment of Forecasting;
3.   Forecast Evaluation of Acoustic Insulation;
4.   Noise Classification of Buildings according to UNI 11367;
5.   Calculation and design of noise barriers.

Reliefs on the Person:

1.   Survey and report to the Noise Exposure Assessment in Working Environment;
2.   Survey and Evaluation Report of exposure to vibration in work environment.

Some Work Performed:

Mill Favero S.R.L DPIA in Padua;
Stefan cogenerator Energy s.r.l. in Mira (Venice) DPIA;
Supermarkets Ali S.p.A. DPIA in Padua;
OLSAR s.r.l. in Arsego (Pd) Noise and vibration analysis;
Ferrinox s.r.l. in Arsego (Pd) Noise and vibration analysis.


The firm attaches great importance to the use of more technically advanced equipment in the field of acoustic measurement, and uses the most advanced hardware and software technology:

Instruments sound level:
Sound Level Meter CEL;
Only 01dB sound level meters;
Master vibration analyzer 01dB;
Acoustic and Vibrational analyzer HP 3561;
Probe intensimetric G.R.A.S.

A Cadna DataKustik GmbH Germany;
MITHRA 01dB - University of Grenoble - France.

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