Studio Memar performs architectural design, urban planning, construction engineering, restauration
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   He’s born in Esfahan (Iran) on 06-05-1961. He studies in this city until he graduates at the technical school,

   1985     He obtains the visa for study reasons from the Italian Embassy in Iran.
   1986    He wins an aid grant at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice.
   1992    He graduates in Architecture at I.U.A.V. in Venice, presenting a graduation thesis concerning with the urban renovation of Moena (TN), whit Professor Giorgio Lombardi as supervisor.
   1992    He founds the study of Architecture “MEMAR” in Piove di Sacco, Padua (Italy).  

The architect is a member of the Architect’s Professional Order in Italy and in Iran, to be more precise:
   in Italy: Architect’s Professional Order of Padua at the nr. 1695.
   in Iran: Architect’s Professional Order of Esfahan (Iran) at the nr. 20100021
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